Christmas is a magical and exhausting time of year for the best of us, but especially for the little ones! Change of routines, something about a man in a suit, late parties, visits from all sorts of family and friends, presents upon presents, and the list goes on. Leaving space for free play, stories, quiet craft time and movies during those busy days or leading up to them are key. Remember to ask yourself before leaving the house with cranky kids ... Is it worth it? Hopefully your social engagements will understand and maybe welcome the free time themselves!


It's okay to give family and friends an idea or list of what you are hoping they give your children for Christmas. Remember they are your responsibility and you know what is best for them at the end of day! I’ve seen caregivers make rules like ... one gift per child or one gift per family, others encourage only learning gifts or they ask to avoid gifts with batteries. It’s really up to you, but remember toys are great when they challenge the imagination. Some of our beautiful handmade gifts include paper kits, handmade stuffed animals, and lots of crochet toys! Just remember the child will love you no matter what they get it’s you they love and want to spend time with!

Crochet Stacking bowls by Diane Brown

Hartiatoys - Paper Kits and Diane Brown - Hand crocheted Fox

This has been played around the internet the last few years, but it still makes me tear up every time I watch it!

Thanks again for taking the time to read our guide to a Slowly Made Christmas,


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