We have nine days left in our pop-up shop which means Christmas is just around the corner. Today I thought we would talk about the minimalist approach to gift giving. I know this has helped me even when telling grandparents what to get for our little ones.


The idea behind the 4 gift rule goes as follows, give the person something they WANT, something they NEED, something to WEAR, and something to READ. We took a walk around the shop and picked out some of our favorites that fit into these categories for the woman, man, and child in your life!

FOR HER - We stuck to similar neutral tones and a pop of colour! (WANT - Mustard Pulse Creek Earrings, NEED - Bamboo Eco Toothbrush, WEAR - LoveLu Knit Hat, and READ - FEELS Body Issue and Sarnia Poet Teighan Gibson Sunday There Is Sunshine)

FOR HIM - We are a little light in the guys department (suggestions greatly appreciated) but we were pretty happy with our choices! (WANT - Two Hand Blown Recycled Tall Artech Glasses, NEED - THE NEW NEW AGE Applewood Smoked Salt, WEAR - Great Lakes Grooming products including beard brush, beard balm, and lip balm, READ - FEELS Anxiety Issue (I know a interesting choice but I really feel a great read for the guy in your life!).

LITTLE ONE - We find the 4 gift rule to be especially helpful when gift giving for children. It’s a great place to start if you are lost in a sea of children’s toys and gift ideas. We wanted to give you a general idea of what this would look like for a child. WANT - Little Bellwoods Stuffed Raccoon, NEED - Bamboo Eco Toothbrush, WEAR - Os. and Oakes Slouchy Hat, READ - We love the paper toys and thought it was a great addition since we don’t carry any children’s books yet. Hartiatoys La Forest.


Thanks again for taking the time to read our guide to a Slowly Made Christmas,


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