Three Months of Made

Made Collective launched just over three months ago and what a delightful ride it has been.  We are overwhelmed by the encouragement, support and love from family, friends and perfect strangers!

Our launch party was a celebration in so many ways.  We celebrated our dream come true - a curated handmade shop.  We celebrated the end of renovations to our beautiful space.  We celebrated our deepening partnership and friendship.  And then we got to celebrate it all with our community here in Sarnia, ON on First Friday.

The fun part of an online shop is watching the orders come in.  What did they buy?  Where are they from?  Do I know them?  It was pretty cool wrapping up the first package and taking it to the post office.  It’s also neat to hand deliver goods right to our customer’s doorsteps.  And bicycle deliveries are a real possibility if the weather warms up.  We should totally yarn bomb our bicycles!  So many things to make, so little time!

The down side to an online shop is not meeting customers face to face.  That problem was easily solved with our pop-up shops.  We popped-up for three days on the first weekend in May and June.  And the best part of each day was chatting with everyone who walked in the door.  Some people knew about us and some didn’t but everyone wanted to know what Made Collective was all about and we were only too happy to share.  

The idea of handcrafted essentials made using eco-conscious and sustainable practices was really embraced by our community.  So many people wanted to know how things were made, why we selected certain goods and why it all matters.  Teaching people to become more thoughtful consumers is one of the main reasons we do what we do.  Thank you for supporting us.

Oh, and we sold a bunch stuff!  So then we had to go looking for more handmade goodness.  A tough job but we are up to the task!  We’ve found some new goods that are now part of Made Collective.  And as far as the Made Collective label, we are busy making more dryer balls and hemp washcloths, and we have a few new products up our sleeve as well.  

And a quick word about the makers who have trusted us with their stories and goods.  You are a professional, creative, passionate group of makers and it is a joy to share your work.  Thank you for your encouragement and willingness to answer all our nutty questions!

Thanks for all the love people!  We feel it!

Steph, Naomi and Alison

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  • Amazing! I love how well you have integrated the teaching about thoughtful consumption into the brand! Great job ladies :)


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